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who we are.

All Seasons Fitness Center is located in Dexter, MO. Our gym offers a variety of memberships to customize your needs and wants. Our team would love to assist you in any way that we can - providing a stellar environment, but also working hard to make your fitness dreams a reality. 

Ethan Stevens (owner) and Madison Bryant (Manager) are ISSA Certified Personal Trainers who have not only obtained multiple certifications in a multitude of areas, but have spent years in college learning and understanding the science behind training and nutrition!

All Seasons is proud to offer low prices with the highest-quality gym equipment! Amenities include a 24/7 gym, free sauna, 24/7 tanning, In-Body 570 machine, massage therapist, personal training/nutritional guidance staff, and more! We are equipped to help you with any health advice, training, and fitness goals. And remember.. here, there is #nooffseason. We look forward to seeing you! Visit the Gym Sign-up page on our website to get started today!

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13147 State Highway AD, Dexter, MO 63841


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